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Monday, January 24, 2011

Vegan Recipe: How This Revive Wrap Cranks Raw Veggie Leverage

Vegan Recipe: How This Revive Wrap Cranks Raw Veggie Leverage


Jay Wesley Anderson

If there was a simple concept that would help you on your way to better health, and save you time, you\'d want to know it...right?  This is a concept so simple...but somehow it often gets overlooked.

It\'s something I like to call...making use of raw veggie leverage.  Making use of raw veggie leverage guarantees two things.

Guarantee # 1: You won\'t be ‘cooking\' all the beneficial enzymes out of your food.

When foods are heated past 117 degrees fahrenheit for over about 3 minutes, beneficial enzymes and life energy of the food are lost.  By eating mostly raw veggies, you will be getting the all the energy the food has to offer.

Guarantee # 2: You\'ll be saving time by eating mostly raw foods.  It\'s almost like cheating!  Why?  Preparing raw food recipes means that you get to be a minimalist in the kitchen.  Honestly, who wants to spend any time washing pots and pans?

Especially when those pots and pans were used for a recipe that cooked all beneficial enzymes out of the food!

To get you started making use of raw veggie leverage right now, you\'ll need a good recipe with no ‘cooking\' involved, and no laboring over the sink washing pots and pans.  Not to worry, this vegan recipe is mouthwatering and healthy all at the same time...


- Lay out 3 broad romaine lettuce leaves side by side on a cutting board

- Layer on hummus lightly

- Overlap the middle edges of the lettuce leaves by 1 inch, using the hummus as the 'glue' that will hold wrap sections together.  Now you should have 3 connected lettuce leaves laying flat.  The work of art begins to take shape!

- Add a handful of living mung bean sprouts

- Add slices of red, yellow, orange, or green pepper (use 1/3 of a pepper)

- Add a generous amount of fresh parsley or cilantro to taste

- Fold the wrap together, make the hummus work like the seal of an envelop.

- Enjoy!  Repeat if necessary.


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