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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Vegan Diet Secrets: Becoming a Vegetarian

Vegan Diet Secrets: Becoming a Vegetarian

Author: Maria Markella

A lot of vegans do not even know why they wanted to become vegans in the first place. Why are you a vegan? If you cannot answer this question in depth, then there's really no reason to become a vegan diet fan.

You have to do some soul searching and find some answers from deep inside you. Find out exactly why you want to become a vegan. If you don't find any reasons behind your decision then it's just a phase you're going through.

So first of all, you have to educate yourself about being a vegan.

1. Know the facts of the vegan diet.

2. Know exactly what you're getting yourself into.

3. Know exactly why you are doing it.

4. Start reading books, newspapers, magazines about vegan diets.

5. Search the internet for articles or other information concerning vegan diets.

To sum up you have to know the pros and cons of becoming a vegan.

Here are some secret tips to get you started if you're really desperate about becoming e vegetarian.

1. Start the easy way.

Did you have any favorite dish before becoming a vegetarian? Maybe that dish was a vegetarian dish or could become one easily. So start with that favorite dish. You may not even know that some dishes are vegetarian.

For example you can start with vegetable pasta or lasagne or pasta primavera. There are thousands of choices.

2. Buy a Vegan Recipe CookBook

Being a vegetarian means that you have to learn to prepare your food sometimes. So why not follow some proven tips and recipes from a good vegetarian cookbook?

3. Don't Push Yourself

So you decide to switch to a vegan diet but you find yourself so tired and really hungry. Well, you may not be eating enough!

Don't pressure your body. Try to stay balanced and get enough calories and nutrients to keep you going. Don't just stick to only a few different types of food.

4. Get support from your friends

Make your friends understand the fact that you're vegetarian. Make them respect your choices. A good example would be to get them to try some of your food and taste what you eat.

5. Do not compare yourself with other vegetarians.

If you're reading vegan magazines or articles or talking to longtime vegetarians then you will notice that everyone has something to say. And they claim they have the best solution for you. Well, ignore them. Do not compare yourself and your body with anyone else's! You want to be a vegetarian for your own reasons. So find out what's right for you and be comfortable with your decisions.

6. Timing matters

Feel free to start on a vegan diet at any time of the year. But be wise. Remember that if you start during the summer you'll have the chance to try a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Moreover, people have the tendency to eat lighter during summer months. During the winter there's the advantage of eating soups or baked food.

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